Criminal Law // Whether you're charged with a traffic violation or being investigated for a violent crime, you need reliable, committed defense. 


Misdemeanors are criminal offenses punishable by up to a year in jail. Punishment can also include fines, probation, community service and restitution. Defendants charged with misdemeanors are entitled to a jury trial. As your attorney, I can represent you in trials or help you avoid them altogether.


Felonies are the most serious type of criminal offense. Felonies typically involve serious physical harm or threat of harm to victims, as well as white-collar crimes and fraud schemes. Some misdemeanors can also be elevated to felonies for second-time offenders. Punishment for felonies ranges from prison for one year to life in prison without parole, and may even be punished by imposition of the death penalty. It’s my duty to assist you in reducing these charges and/or avoiding them.

Traffic Violations

If you have received an Ohio speeding ticket or other traffic violation you may have a number of questions regarding the effects on your insurance, driver’s license and driving record. Every ticket is unique, but I can answer specific questions about your case. I can also ensure your traffic violation is handled properly, keeping your insurance rates, driving privilege and expense as my top priorities.


In Ohio, expungement is the same as sealing a record. It is a legal process that allows you to have any and all references to a prior criminal conviction cleared and their court file sealed. The result of this process is as if you were never convicted of the crime. As your attorney, I can help you expunge any number of criminal offenses.


Being charged with a DUI, OVI, or DWI doesn’t have to affect your future, but it can. The best way to mitigate the penalties you face is to hire a skilled attorney. My experience analyzing evidence and my passion for defending your rights can help you avoid the worst consequences of a DUI

Driving Under Suspension

People are often pulled over unaware that their driver’s license is suspended. Still, police officers can, under certain circumstances, pull you over for no other reason than the fact that you are under suspension. As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, I can help you determine whether or not the traffic stop in your DUS case was illegal, potentially helping you avoid criminal charges.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges come with significant legal ramifications. Having dealt with these consequences for over 15 years, I will advocate for your rights and be sure that you are given fair and competent representation. Whether you are a man or a woman, my experience in representing domestic violence cases will help me achieve the most favorable resolution for your case.


Convictions based on theft offenses carry harsh penalties under Ohio law. For this reason, it is imperative to consult with a criminal defense attorney at the earliest stage of the prosecution or investigation. The penalties for these crimes include prison sentences and fines. It’s my mission to help you avoid such serious charges, and I’ll do everything in my power to fight for your rights.


A burglary charge is not just a theft charge and it isn’t just a trespassing charge; it’s more than both. Because it has elements of more than one law violation, you can expect that the sentence you face if convicted will be harsh. In Ohio, there are several different statutes that cover burglary offenses, and each of these carries a potentially life-changing sentence. As your attorney, I can help keep these charges to a minimum.

Drug Charges

If you have been accused of assault, you are in for a fight. It is critical for you to take the charge seriously. It will not go away, even if you think the government doesn't have a case against you. In fact, the fastest way into prison is to believe these charges can't be serious just because you didn't do it. It’s my duty as your attorney to advocate on your behalf and ensure your side of the story is heard loud and clear.

Juvenile Offenses

In the law, a juvenile is defined as a person who is not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. In Ohio and on the federal level, this age threshold is set at 18 years. This age definition is significant because it determines whether a young person accused of criminal conduct will be charged with a crime in adult court or will be required to appear in juvenile court. If you’re the caregiver of a juvenile or are a juvenile, I can represent your case in court to minimize any potential criminal charges.